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One of the most rewarding aspects of hunting, fishing, and gathering in the outdoors is being able to feed your family!    These recipes are tried and true, approved by our families and are among our favourites!

From our table to yours... Bon Appetite!

Super Easy Canned Venison

This will be a family favourite for years to come!  It is easy to make, and easier to add to a meal.  Once you try this, you will want to run out and buy more jars, yes, it is that good!  #keepitreal 

I honestly cannot get enough of this blend of spices, cheese and jalapeños!  Check out the secret ingredient, from our friends at the kikabooshop.  Enjoy!

Super Easy Jerky

If you are like me, and love to snack while outdoors, this recipe is for you!  You can use whatever type of red meat you want!  Put some of the strips in a bag and enjoy them later while walking the trails or sitting in the tree stand!

Special thanks to Avis and Bill Quarrie for this recipe!!!  

Cheesy Goose Pasta Bake

If you have a camp full of hungry hunters and need to fill them up after a long day in the woods, this dish is the one!  This hearty ground goose pasta is sure to please! Enjoy!  

Venison Stew

Im not sure what to say about this one other than it is absolutely delicious!  You can change the spice blend to suit your palate, leave it as is, no matter what, you will enjoy it!  I cook this one in a dutch oven over the fire.  The blend of the ingredients mixed with the smokey fire makes for a stew that surpasses all others!  Enjoy!

Grilled Wild Turkey Breast

If you like a classic, this is it!  Simple, clean and true to its core, the taste of wild turkey comes through!

Bacon Wrapped Ricotta & Basil Wild Turkey Pinwheels

Wild turkey is great on its own but when mixed with bacon, cheese and basil, its outstanding!  This will soon become a favourite in your kitchen as it has in ours!

Squirrel Pot Pie

Did you say squirrel?  Yes I did, this hardy dish is sure to please your entire family!  If you haven't tried squirrel, make sure you do, it truly is delicious!

Crockpot Venison

Nothing warms the soul on a cool fall day like venison in the crockpot!  The smell of anticipation lingers throughtout your home as all the flavours meld into a mixture that will tantalize the senses... Ok, now I'm hungry.  Great, simple, no hassle way of preparing a meal for the family, give it a try!

Ground Venison Soup

Super easy, super good and it will help clean out the freezer a little at the beginning of the new season!  This soup is hearty, earthy and you can take the flavour in many directions.  Enjoy!

Awesome Venison Chilli

One of our all time favourites and a must have at hunt camp each year!  This chilli is hearty, has bacon, red wine and will definitely be a hit in your home!  Grab a loaf of fresh bread, sit down by the fireplace and dig in!  

Yummy Pheasant Schnitzel

The best part of this recipe is that you can substitute any meat for the pheasant if need be.  This classic is sure to please, give it a try!

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