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Why I Do it!

As a kid, I spent most of my time outdoors. My parents didn't have to worry as they knew that I wouldnt stray far. The outdoors kept my attention in many ways. Either the soft whispering sway of the bulrushes at the pond had captivated my attention or the gentle rustle of the leaves in the bush. Sometimes it was as simple as laying on the ground watching clouds, I was so easy to please! Whatever the case, I spent a great deal of time outdoors! I also had may great mentors that were willing to share their knowledge of the outdoors and ensure that those lessons were passed onto me. These people, like my Dad, Frank, my Scout Leader and many other great figures, fuelled the passion that I have today! The smell of the trees, the glimmer of the sunlight on a still lake or the sound of the loon keep me coming back day after day! In todays techno world it is so easy to loose those sounds, those smells and discount what the outdoors has done for humanity. I want to honour those people who took the time to explain things to me, those that spent time with me in a canoe. This is how The Real Outdoor Experience was born!

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