Keep It Real!


One of the most rewarding things about fishing and hunting, is that you are able to prepare a meal for your family with the game that you have harvested. It gets even better if you are able to spend the time with your family.  There are so many great recipes to choose from on the internet, from friends and cook books but where do you start? I have posted a few of my tried and true recipes for you to try. We have personally tried each one! 

From our camp table to yours...bon appetite!

Keep it Real!

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Wild Turkey - Grilled Turkey Breast

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Mushroom Risotto - Wild Turkey Dinner

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Wild Turkey - Bacon Wrapped Ricotta and Basil Pinwheel

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Squirrel Pot Pie

This is a standard pot pie recipe using the squirrel that you have harvested. The longer you cook the squirrel, the more tender the meat will be. This is a great hearty meal for a winters day. Enjoy the recipe here.
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Venison Crockpot

Super easy, no hassle and a great meal for your family! Put all the ingredients together, furn it on and walk away! A great recipe in my book. View the recipe here.

Visit our YouTube channel to see Carlin cooking venison here.
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Ground Venison Soup

This is a really good, quick and delicious soup to make. We love this soup any time of year. If you need to make space in the freezer and have run out of ideas, give this a try. We know you will love it. View the recipe here
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Venison Chili

This is our favourite chill ever! The red wine and bacon add a rich element. Grab a loaf of bread, sit down by the fireplace and enjoy! Great for a cold day! View the recipe here
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Pheasant Schnitzel

This is a great recipe for your first pheasant! No matter how the meat looks after you have cleaned and prepared the bird, you can make this recipe. We hope you enjoy! View the recipe here

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