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Carlin Riley - Host

I began hunting, fishing and camping with my father at a young age . Throughout my life, the times spent with my Dad either in a canoe or walking through a field have made a deep impact and helped shape who I am today. Over the years, friends and family would get together and we’d drive the various properties we had permission to hunt and we were very successful at putting venison in the freezer. I love whitetail hunting and harvested my share of deer. I had thought about bow hunting deer but had no idea where to begin or even how to go about it. Exactly the same thing happened with turkey hunting. We had a season and I took a course and got a license – now what?

What about the average person that works all week and has a short window to get outdoors and take part in these activities? Is it realistic to expect what is shown on TV or is this setting them up for frustration and failure? Where do you start? My goal is to provide that road map and to help others get up and running – from a real perspective – with conditions similar to what the average hunter will be up against. I am passionate about the outdoors and that includes sharing my experiences with my children.

Get yours outdoors and teach them what you know, they will thank you for it!
Keep it Real!

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Ian McCleary - Host

Central Ontario is an outdoorsman’s paradise – I had deer, moose and bear all within an hours’ drive of my home growing up – but what really got my hunting instincts going was ruffed grouse. Partridge my grandfather called them. As a very young boy I would walk behind him in the woods, dreading the thunder of the flush that told us we’d blown it! Hunting with a .22 or .410 we had to catch them on the ground. To this day, after hunting all kinds of big game, one of my favorite hunts is still-hunting through brambles and tag alders with frost on the ground, fall leaves in full color – and the smell of a spent .410 shell and the feel of a warm grouse in my hand.

Ian is an accomplished hunter and shares his passion for the outdoors through the written word. Be sure to check out his articles posted on our Blog. Ian has been hunting for over 30 years and has hunted virtually every animal this great Province has to offer!
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